A day in the life of a ‘rider’

Country/area: Spain

Organisation: La Vanguardia

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 11/05/2021

Credit: Begoña M. Goitia, Pablo González Pellicer, Mario Chaparro y Dani Duch.


Begoña M. Goitia: Journalist

Pablo González Pellicer: Visual journalist

Mario Chaparro: Visual journalist

Dani Duch: Photographer

Project description:

In this report, a home delivery rider is tracked throughout his entire working day, tracing the entire delivery and collection route that he performs throughout the day in the city of Madrid. This piece was published in the midst of the political debate in Spain about the regularization of the conditions of these riders as self-employed workers and the approval of a new law that regulates their professional activity for large home delivery platforms.

Impact reached:

The piece had a great impact as it allowed readers to visualize what was the size of a single day’s job for any rider.

Techniques/technologies used:

He contacted a delivery rider who works for a home delivery platform who provided us with the GPS data of his movements throughout one of his working days. These data were plotted using Qgis on a map where the distance, time and places of collection and delivery were specified, as well as the billing for each of them. This map was then transferred to After effects where the sequence of the route was established according to the hours, distances and billing data available in the GPS. The whole sequence was transferred to mp4 and described in a scrolling on google amp.

What was the hardest part of this project?

The most complex part was getting the data and plotting the exact route and times on the animated map.

What can others learn from this project?

This piece is an example of how with geopositioned data we can see a sketch of what a day in the life of a rider represents.

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