Striding into its fourth year, the Sigma Awards celebrates the best data journalism from around the world. It’s also here to empower, elevate and enlighten the global community of data journalists.

the prize?

A US$5,000 cash prize will be split among winners. Winning participants will also be flown to Perugia, Italy to attend and take part in the International Journalism Festival 2023. 🥳✨

US$5,000 split among winners
+ a trip to #IJF23 for each winner

Are there


Nope. There are no categories this year! So the jury members can decide on the best work overall and come to a consensus on who should win.









+ Jury process




Prize Committee process

+ Shortlist reveal

+ Winners reveal




Meet the Sigmas 2023 winners and team at #IJF23

Meet the Sigmas 2023

11 entries represent the best data journalism worldwide from the past year
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by our data…

We’ve gathered all entries ever submitted to the competition into an interactive database. Check it out to meet past winners, as well as inspiring data journalism projects from all over the world…

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Yay! A hotspot to chat with your data journalism fellows all over the world, share ideas, and take part in live chats with international experts on topics that matter to the data journalism community.

Details of the 2023 competition

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The Sigma Awards competition is also here to empower, elevate and enlighten the global community of data journalists.

Sigma Awards 2021 jury

Our Jury + Prize Committee

We’ve gathered international experts in our Jury and Prize Committee. Together, they represent the best minds in the data journalism industry.

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Competition partners

This competition wouldn’t be possible without the help from the Google News Initiative and our amazing media partners.